Mortgage Alternative Program

MAP Is Simple
1. Get pre-qualified AT NO COST!
     (Bad Credit OK!)
2. Choose your home with your Realtor
3. Cove buys the home, and you lease it.
4. You Buy the home when you are ready and
     qualify for financing!

You have up to 6 years to qualify for financing while you live in YOUR home! Any appreciation above our fixed 2% schedule, is yours to keep! Cove charges a 3% fee to participate. All fees collected at closing.

Cove Financial Group Inc.
19800 MacArthur Blvd Suite #1050
Irvine CA, 92612

Call for information about MAP,
(888) 552-8538


Yes, There Is Life After Foreclosure!
A 10% deposit will get you back on the path to homeownership.

Find out if you qualify for MAP...

Credit Score

Home Price


Purchase Property


Car Payments

Credit Card Payments

Other Debt Payments

Total Income

"My daughter and I finally have a home to call our own. She has been patient with me all these years wanting to get a puppy, but being a renter I told her when we have our own home she could get one. I think it is appropriate that we get a shelter puppy. Thank you Randy H, Tom D. and Cove financial"